Spring is in the air!

by Lauren W

Well perhaps spring isn’t totally in the air just yet, but it’s definitely on it’s way…

For us, January, although nowhere near what one would typically consider ‘spring,’ is when all the pretty new spring-like things start arriving. We cannot express how wonderful it is to finally have new clothes coming in again! True, it was only a month or so where there were very few shipments to unpack (in retail it’s practically illegal to receive new stock in December) but that’s an incredibly long time by Barefoot Contessa standards! You all can likely relate – popping in to your favorite store just isn’t quite as fun as when there isn’t something new to try on or lust after.

Not only do we love the new arrivals for their newness and pretty spring-ness, there is also something incredibly uplifting about all the fresh spring clothes. Despite being in the bitter throes of winter (well, as winter as Vancouver can be) they give us a glimpse of things to come – sunshine, bare legs, sandals, drinks on the patio… *insert wistful sigh here* – and it makes the chilly damp Vancouver winters a bit more bearable.

Here are a few of the new arrivals that have us mentally preparing for spring…

rhumba dress ($149) --- multicolour millie dress ($96) --- front and center dress ($92)

great gatsby frock ($89) — polka dot mia farrow dress ($92) — ikat ombre one shoulder dress ($92)


What are you all most looking forward to this spring?