so fresh and so clean

by Lauren W

Now, let it be known that we are not the kind of girls who are afraid to get their hands dirty or who sit idly by while there is work to be done. This fact was demonstrated all last week when we gave our Commercial Drive store a bit of a facelift – a little R&R (refresh and renewal) for the new year if you will…

The whole process involved a lot of painting – A LOT of painting. We painted pretty much the entire store  – the walls, the fitting rooms, the clothing racks, the front desk and even the floor.  Nothing too drastic was done though, we still stuck to our usual pallette of cream and white, though spiced things up with a touch of dark grey (for the floor). 

Candice gets her paint on

As you may have guessed it’s not nearly as exciting to redecorate a retail space as it would be to redecorate your home. Since the clothes, jewelry, accessories and other what-nots need to be the focus (as one might guess), the purpose for the rest of the store is to serve as a neutral backdrop to showcase all the loveliness – hence the cream and white colour scheme. Fortunately for us, this suits our shabby chic, romantic, vintage-inspired esthetic perfectly. Unfortunately for us, it means that our biggest choice is which shade of cream to use.  Actually, no – this time we did decide to add a bit of sparkle to the stores… literally. 

Next time you come visit us, you must take note of our fabulous sparkly floor! It took 5 days, what felt like 100 coats of paint, some glitter and then a whole lot of varnish to seal the deal… but we have to admit, it was well worth it – it looks beeeautiful!

We still have a few more finishing touches to do, and of course the Main Street store needs a bit of attention as well… but that is for another day, and another blog post.

Katrina hard at work

Julia demonstrates her brush stoke