olive and clementine

by Lauren W

If you’ve strolled past our Main Street location recently you will have likely noticed its brightly coloured, crafty, confection-filled windows courtesy of Olive and Clementine. This lovely lifestyle blogging duo contacted us recently with a fantastic idea for a Valentine-esque themed window, being fans of their blog, we of course said yes!

Originally they had told us that it was going to be Marie Antoinette decadence meets pretty Parisian femininity, so we were more than pleasantly surprised when not only did they live up to their word, but they threw in a dash of whimsy and craftiness as well!  They featured sewn paper garland, red and white stripe bunting (with their logo no less!) and craft paper covered book risers (genius!).

We also love how they managed to convey a distinct Valentine’s Day sweet feeling without going overboard into saccharine. Love the canning jars of candy hearts and other retro confections. We are thrilled with the display and so happy that it gets to stay up for a little while longer – probably a wee bit past Valentines day, since it is so great and so much hard work went in to it (and a little bit of extra time to pilfer some candy doesn’t hurt either).

styled with love by olive and clementinesewn paper garland

red and white stripe bunting