It’s a good day – an INK magazine editorial and new arrivals!

by Lauren W

It has been an exciting day for us here in the stores – not only did we just receive another huge spring shipment but we also got to see some of our pieces in an INK magazine editorial! It’s funny, although it might not seem like it at first, the two events have more in common than it appears.

Getting a new shipment in is kind of like Christmas – the anticipation of what we’ll get, seeing seven or eight huge boxes arrive, then tearing them open to see what goodies Eva has found for the store. It’s even a wee surprise for Eva, since buying trips are so frenzied one can forget every single piece making it’s way to the stores – it never fails that an “oh yeah, I forgot about that! Isn’t it cute?” is uttered at some point of the unpacking process.

It’s a similar feeling when we see a magazine editorial featuring pieces the stylist has borrowed from us. Although we know what they’ve selected for the photo-shoot, we don’t know which items made the cut (if any at all, which can happen). There is always a current of anticipation as we open a magazine or scan a website to see what pieces were chosen and how the stylist incorporated them with the other pieces to fit their vision. We’re thrilled when the stylist pairs clothing of ours in ways we hadn’t thought of or that don’t come readily to mind, which is why we love what stylist Krista Sung did for an editorial in the recent issue of INKmagazine.

Take a look at how everything came together here on the INK magazine website and see if you can spot the Barefoot Contessa pieces! (