three ways to wear it: elephant in the room top

by Lauren W

As we’ve mentioned before, a rather diverse group of girls work at the Barefoot Contessa – this diversity extends to styling and wardrobe choices as well. Although girls will often fall in love with and sometimes purchase the same piece of clothing, how they decide to wear it is very different. This gave us the idea to do a post showing you all how versatile one item of clothing actually can be.

We have asked Piper, Kim and Candice to flex their styling muscles and show us three different looks featuring this cute new top

elephant in the room top - $56


Here are the different looks each of them came up with…


Piper’s Pick

Chanel gardenia rings - $32 each. Bouquet ring - $34

Complete the look:


With one (or all of) these rings…




And some light coloured oxfords, like these (below) or, if you can’t afford Prada, these (below right)


Kim’s Pick

Complete the look:

Candice’s pick

Complete the look

with coral pumps like these and a black structured bag like this