and the winner is…

by Lauren W

Thank you to everyone who voted last week to help us select a new facebook profile picture! Over 150 people voted on which picture they liked best and we thank you all!

It ended up being a bit of a ‘photo finish’ (pun unintentional, but stays anyways) with the one winning photo beating out another by a mere 3 votes… so in case you missed it, here is the lovely picture that you all helped us select to represent us on facebook and twitter for the next little while:

As we mentioned before, everyone who voted would be entered in to a draw for a little thank you surprise and we have now chosen the winner of said little thank you surprise!

We used a very high-tech method to select a winner at random – it involved cutting paper in to small pieces, writing everyone’s name who commented or liked a picture down on a piece of paper, folding it and then literally putting it in a hat to be drawn.

names waiting to be drawn (can you see yours?)

We then shook up the names in the hat and picked one out:



Congratulations Rebecca!

Please contact us for details about picking up your surprise: or call (604) 879-1137 (ext 1)

(ps – can you spot the pen on Lauren’s finger from writing out all the names on pieces of paper?)