new pyrrha jewelry

by Lauren W

We recently received what is arguably our largest order from Pyrrha ever and we were all super excited not only to see the Pyrrha jewelry cases get refilled, but all the fantastic new crests and seals that Pyrrha has added to their ‘Wax Seal’ collection as well!

You can check out some pictures of just a few (emphasis on just a few) of the individual wax seal necklace that we just got in stock on our facebook page.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pyrrha, it’s an awesome line of jewelry out of Vancouver created with reclaimed sterling silver and hand casted from 19th Century wax seals.  Rich with symbolism, each of the wax seal pieces have unique meanings associated with them derived from heraldry. Since each piece is crafted by hand,  no two pendants are exactly the same – which when coupled with the deep symbolic meanings of each seal and what they signify to the wearer, it creates a truly unique and meaningful piece of jewelry.  There are several different wax seal pendants to choose from, all with different meanings, which makes them excellent to give as gifts for any occasion and to just about anyone on your list . They can be worn individually, or layered to create an even more personal meaning for the wearer.