a type B personality

by bfcboutique

It’s no secret that we here at Barefoot Contessa have a love for all things vintage – it’s evident from the moment you step through the shop door. There’s just something about the romance and beauty of things carefully saved from decades past that we love. So you can only imagine our delight when we discovered a jewelry line that combines genuine vintage jewelry components alongside vintage ephemera and other cute little what-nots…

… ladies (and possibly gentlemen) allow us to introduce you to type B!

type B necklaces all in a row...

type B is created locally by Vancouver jewelry designer Brittany van Dyck, whose love of vintage bits and pieces quite possibly rivals our own. We were pretty sure we loved her jewelry line the moment we saw it, but then she brought in two awesome vintage suitcases to display it all in and totally sealed the deal. When it comes to describing type B, the designer herself does it best:

“each necklace preserves original found ephemera which is pressed between hand cut glass from broken picture frames. The silver hand soldered finish ensured durability while framing a delicate piece of history”

type B soldered pendants

Fun type B facts:

– the insides of the soldered pendants are 100% original, vintage product. Copies and reproductions need not apply.

– the  soldered pendants are made from hand cut glass from upcycled broken picture frames (waste not, want not) with a hand soldered finish. The solder is lead and nickel free and contains 50% silver – therefore it acts just like sterling silver and can be polished and cared for the exact same way.

– all the brass pieces are made with vintage dead stock  (ie stock from days of yore that has never been used) so once it’s gone… it’s gone.

cameos and lockets all lined up...

cute little studs