Giulietta Degli Spiriti

by kaleighlara

Hi Everyone, Kaleigh here writing to you from the library! We’re very lucky here at The Barefoot Contessa to have such a fabulous group of girls who are more than just all things lovely – in our midst are artists, writers, athletes, comediennes, beauties and braniacs – our creative spirit runs deep. But with our achievements often comes the biggest beach day ruiner: summer school! I’m almost finished my Italian course for the term, and even though I can’t enjoy the warm days as much as I’d like, in true Barefoot fashion I’ve still managed to find inspiration. We all have a flair for drama, and in honour of this study break I thought I’d share with you some stills from one of my favourite Italian movies, Giulietta Degli Spiriti made in 1965 by Federico Fellini. The title translates to Juliet of the Spirits, and that’s exactly the style – dreamlike, sumptuous, beautiful, strange and disorienting. Watch it even just for the visuals, I bet some of them even make their way into your wardrobe! Just click to enlarge any image, and enjoy!