A Late Summer Tribute to Slim Aarons

by kaleighlara

Hi there, Kaleigh here again! This weather – can you believe it? The calendar says September but the sun says summer, and I am reveling in it. In celebration of this glorious extension of sunshine, I would like to share with you some images from one of my favorite American photographers, Slim Aarons. Sharp with a camera from the 50’s all the way through the 90’s, his photos convey a sense of dazzling glamour, of hyper-blue water and the impossibly deep tans of beautiful people with lives of leisure jetting back and forth from California to St. Tropez.

Sadly, I have never been to either of these sunny meccas, yet Slim’s photos tug at the same place in my dreams that the writing of Joan Didion or David Hockney’s paintings in the 60’s do to the California in my imagination: somewhere, someone must be living these spectacular lives, but I can never quite figure out who they are or how they got there, and neither can I stop myself from desiring such a photographable existence. This is the mystique and appeal of Slim’s images: the bright pools always seem to be out of reach living somewhere in my imagination and fantasy, at once infinitely lush and completely fabricated, both rich and hollow, exotic and remote. Yet I dream of an impossible life, and decorate mine with Slim’s sparkling locales.

The summer in my imagination never ends; I am happy to be tricked by this last glorious heat before we (fabulously!) don the cutest socks and tights we can to combat the rains to come. For now I’ll go to the beach in September, wear my bikini while the leaves turn, and dream of the sweet season we barely got to taste.