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ECOuture pyrite n' chains bracelet

We always seem to blog about the new designers to our shops, but it’s always nice to show some love to our favourite designers that we’ve been fortunate enough to carry for a substantial length of time as well. So without further ado here is a little bit more about the fabulous TOODLEBUNNY Designs…

Toodlebunny Designs is a unique handcrafted collection of jewellery by Vancouver based jewellery designer Trudy Wynans. Featuring 14k gold fill and sterling silver, her asymmetrical designs embody natural elements of bone, wood, horn and semiprecious stones. She draws her inspiration from nature’s flora and fauna, evidenced by the use of birds, leaves and tusks that have become signatures of her designs. We have carried Toodlebunny for a quite a while now… it’s been almost six years I think (my how time flies!) since Eva came across Trudy selling her jewelry at a craft show just down the street at Heritage Hall. It’s been great to see how the line has evolved over time and how Trudy has developed as a designer.

Here are some of the latest Toodlebunny pieces we’ve received, including two pieces from the new one-of-a-kind ECOuture line. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

ECOuture 'Golden Sergeant" Earrings

Buddha Mala Tassel Bracelet

Moroccan Sun Earrings

Quartz Point & Leather Necklace

Pearl Bird Nest Necklace

Antiqued Feathers and Pyrite Earrings

Skull Mala Tassel Bracelet

Fallen Angel Earrings