Happy Halloween!

by bfcboutique

About a month ago, some of us BFC girls decided it would be fun to get together for a pre-Halloween pumpkin carving night (any excuse to gossip and drink wine really…) and the lovely Kaleigh offered up her home, along with her amazing cooking skills for the evening. A simple night of Halloween fun soon became a competition and window display. We were going to put all our pumpkins in the windows of our Commercial Drive shop and then have customers vote on which one they liked best – the carver of the favourite pumpkin would win bragging rights and a little prize. It was going to be great – fantastic even – and we were all sure we were going to win. Unfortunately my friends, it did not turn out quite as planned.

Carving away...

The night itself went well, we all had fun, enjoyed the delicious meal Kaleigh prepared and carved our pumpkins. However, it all started to go downhill after that. Piper’s carousel pumpkin was the first casualty – it barely survived being transferred to the store before collapsing. Then all the pumpkins started to wilt and shrivel once in the windows (being inside? the hot lights?) and then we noticed one or two had started to go mouldy inside and we had to throw them out – it had only been 3 days. Anyways, long story short – the pumpkins didn’t survive until judgement day… but since we all worked so hard on our pumpkins we thought we would share a few pictures with you all anyways.

The feast! Homemade truffle mac and cheese (with yummy toppings) and roasted root veggies.


more pumpkins

Piper's carousel pumpkin and Candice's baby pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

How did your pumpkin carving turn out this year? (hopefully better than ours)