Question of the Month

by piper quinn

So, we’re thinking of starting a new monthly column of sorts called (ingeniously) ‘Question of the Month’ where us Barefoot girls let you know a little more about us, one question at a time. Hopefully we’ll get to know you a little better as well, if you comment with your own answers! For the first instalment our question is:

Who is the one celebrity that if you saw them, you would have to stop them to say something?

Lauren: Honestly there are no celebrities that I would HAVE to talk to. I am surprisingly (especially to those who know my personality) cool and collected – perhaps even a bit aloof – around famous people. This isn’t to say that there aren’t celebrities who I am mildly totally in love with, but if I ever saw them I would likely be too busy hyperventilating in a corner to chat.

Kim: I’ve always wanted to ask Sofia Coppola what Bill Murray whispers to Scarlett Johansson in the final scene of Lost in Translation.

Kaleigh:  I recently had the chance to see Anthony Bourdain, my favorite chef/traveler/writer and general badass. I had a chance to ask him a question after his talk, I blew it and didn’t – my babble-brain could only think of such innanities like “Omg I’m like the 25 year old girl version of you we’re totally best friends I love your boots wanna give me a job!?” My coolness inevitably degenerates into hysteria, but Mr. Bourdain, you can bet we’ll be hangin’ in the future when my pens and knives are as sharp as yours!

Julia: The one celeb I would have to say something to would be the entire cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I would say “thank you so much for making me laugh so hard!” It is literally the funniest show.

Emily: Years ago I saw the Dalai Lama speak at a huge conference. From what I recall he was such a humble man. I remember thinking he was really cute. A little old man filled with wisdom and a very good understanding of life. I wish that I could speak to him and ask him for myself what he thinks about the world today.

Danica: If I saw Beckham I would let him know that he was my childhood soccer idol and the reason why i spent countless hours in my backyard juggling a soccer ball. Not only did I idolize his uncanny shot, but he also had really awesome hair styles!

Steph: I would have to stop Bill Murray. He makes me laugh and he loves Best Coast and karaoke. I would probably ask him what his favourite karaoke pick is.

Piper: I have a tie and I just can’t choose between them. First is Larry David; I would use my winning charm (har har) to convince him to take me out for drinks, I think we would make an excellent awkward combo. Second is Dolly Parton; I would be like “hey Dolly, remember when my Grandpa opened for one of your tours? Well, since that basically makes you my surrogate aunt (or something), wanna be pen pals?” and she would totally say yes, obviously.

Nina: I would want to talk to Ryan Gosling about music and literature, and about me having his babies. Though I would probably just make awkward noises at him a la Tina from Bobs Burgers, if you know what I’m talking about.

Ashleigh: If I ran into Tegan and Sara I would definitely say hello and tell them how much I love their music. When I first heard them artists like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were massive but I wasn’t really into it. When I listened to Tegan and Sara it opened up an entire new world for me!

Brin: Jason Segel, because we’re getting married. He doesn’t know it yet, but he will soon enough.

We’re curious girls here, what’s your answer? Also, have any questions you’re just dying to ask us?