Top Gift Giving Picks: The Doctor’s Closet

by bfcboutique

As we mentioned before, we’ve had several local bloggers pop by our shops recently to share their fabulous taste and select their ‘top gift giving picks’ for 2011. Hopefully their picks and holiday memories will not only inspire you all when it comes to your own holiday gift shopping this year, but also give you a more personal glimpse at some of Vancouver’s style leaders.

First up  was Monika from The Doctor’s Closet. It was our first time working with Monika, and we have to say she’s just as lovely and stylish in real life as she seems on her blog!  So without further delay, here are a few of her picks (to see the rest, you’ll have to come visit us in the stores 😉 )

What is your favourite Christmas Carol?

 Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” It gets me singing at the top of my lungs every time!”

French Shoe Buckle Cuffs: made from faceted and polished steel studs, these buckles became a fashion in France as a replacement for the fine diamond jewelry the French monarchy confiscated to pay for the seven year war in 1759 - they are all real and from 1760-1900. - $225

“My mom’s dad was a shoe maker, so this cuff says “FOR MY MOM” all over it! I love the vintage show buckle and how classy it looks… I KNOW she would love it!  It’s so easy to wear – Dresses up or Dresses down! PLUS I love the History behind the buckle, 1790… WOW!

What was the best present you received as a child?

“My very first pair of black patent leather ‘party shoes’

Bejewelled Black Flat - $65

“I ADORE these little ballet flats! I feel like they are edgy and pretty all at the same time. The sparly beaded heart caught my eye right away!  They would be the perfect Christmas gift for my little sister, PLUS I would totally end up borrowing them here and there!”

What does your tree look like this year?

Gold, black, silver and a bit more gold; with lots of sparkles, white lights, keys, antlers, sparkly twigs and tons and tons of gorgeous bulbs!

P.S. I Made This... $22.95

“Every girl should own this book! It’s fun to leave around on your coffee table or get amazing ideas for a last minute outfit for a night out on the town!  A perfect Christmas gift for any girlfriend!”

Want to win a copy of P.S. I Made This? We’re sponsoring a giveaway on the Doctor’s Closet Blog!

Check out her blog for details about how to enter!