Top Gift Giving Picks: Coco and Vera

by bfcboutique

We were fortunate to meet the lovely Cee from the blog Coco and Vera recently when she popped by our Main Street store to share some of her gift giving wisdom. We had a great time and it was fun to see how her feminine and classic style translated in to her top gift giving ideas as well. Here are just a few of Cee’s picks…

What is your most magical Christmas memory?

I don’t know if that this is magical, but it is the story of my most memorable Christmas; when I was fifteen, we went to Mexico for the first time to spend the holiday with some of my family who live there. Christmas day was ill-fated from the start. The dog tried to pee on the Christmas tree and knocked it over, smashing all the ornaments… then when we tried to turn the oven on to cook the turkey, nothing happened. It turned out that the propane tank had run out, so for Christmas dinner we ate pastrami sandwiches and drank V8 Splash by the pool!

Vancouver Silver Trumpet Charm Bracelet – $50

For a Close Girlfriend: Parisian themed charm bracelet by local Vancouver designer Silver Trumpet:

“I’m a sucker for all things Parisian themed… the Eiffel Tower and ‘oui’ charms on this bracelet stole my heart! It would be the perfect gift for my blog BFF, Bec, who I’m travelling to Paris with next year.”

What is the best gift you got as a child?

When I was two I asked for a xylophone. In spite of all the noise that would inevitably ensue, my parents bought it for me! That’s real love.

Ready, Set, Novel! book - $19.95

“The perfect gift for all creative writing graduates (i.e. me). Maybe this book could actually give me the push I need to finish my novel? A girl can dream 🙂 “

Fruitcake: Yay or Nay?

Yay. My grandma, and my mom, make the lightest, fluffiest, most moist fruitcake you’ve ever tasted. It has converted more than a few fruitcake haters over the years!

Voluspa Vacarro Orange and Myrhh Candle (price varies)

“Smells so good… I just couldn’t resist! I love Christmas oranges.” 

Voluspa is a popular line of gorgeous candles known for their amazing scents. For example, this scent, Vacarro Orange and Myrhh, is a delicious smelling blend of sweet vacarro orange peel and a hint of cassis with exotic spiced myrhh.

Would you like to win a beautiful Voluspa ceramic topped pillar candle?

Cee is doing a giveaway on her blog right now! Check out Coco and Vera with how to enter  (and hurry – today is the last day!)