Top Gift Picks: Elisse’s Pieces

by bfcboutique

It was wonderful to meet Elisse, a great up-and-coming Vancouver blogger, for this blogger collaboration. Despite having a full time job as a social worker, she still finds the time to maintain not one, but two blogs! One, Elisse’s Pieces, is more fashion driven, while the other, Fur Elisse, is more of a personal/lifestyle blog – both equally as fun.

Elisse had a ton of great gift ideas (perhaps the most out of everyone!) and here are just a few, along with some of her Christmas memories…

What is your favorite Christmas carol?
Silver Bells – I remember waiting at the Edmonton airport years ago to board a flight home to Vancouver, and the airline crew challenged the passengers to sing a Christmas carol in front of the entire waiting area.  I sang this song and won a bottle Calvin Klein perfume for busting out my vocal chops!

hoot hoot lip glosses – $6.95 each

These would be great stocking stuffers… for both me and my friends 🙂

What is the worst gift you received as an adult?

I got this scarf from an old co-worker that apparently could be doubled as a “tube top”” as well.  Yeah, I don’t think so.

Can’t Sleep Right Now Journal – $17.95

Sometimes I think of the best blog post ideas just as I’m drifting off to sleep. I’m keeping this at my bedside so I can be inspired to jot my ideas down before they drift away too!

What is the best gift you got as a child?

I remember eying this this pink stuffed bear at the toy store, and I was so surprised to find it under the Christmas tree that year!  I mean, how did Santa know?

World of Thanks Kits for Kids – $16.95

I love this – let’s teach our little ones how to pay it forward by sending thank-you cards for all their Christmas presents (Santa included!)

How are you decorating your tree this year?
No joke – it’s “caffeinated.”  I’ve been collecting Christmas ornaments for the past few years from Starbucks and (most recently) Tim Hortons and I don’t think there’s room for anything else – Lol!