2012 Resolutions (and Giveaway!)

by bfcboutique

As 2011 draws to a close, for many, as with all passing years, thoughts are split between the past, present and future. People tend to take stock of their current situation, reflect on what has transpired in the previous 12 months, and of course, ponder what the upcoming year will hold…

We here at Barefoot Contessa are no different. Looking back we’ve had a pretty busy year! Like most, it’s been full of ups and downs – but lets focus on the positive shall we? We’ve done pretty well with last year’s resolution to start a blog – well at least we like to think so 🙂  Our Facebook page has also grown by leaps and bounds; at this time last year we had about 980 ‘likes’ and now we’ve more than doubled that at 2268! Our twitter followers have doubled over the past year too! We couldn’t be more excited and thankful to all our friends, fans and followers for all your support over the past year!  In 2011 we also discovered how fun (and mildly addictive) Pinterest, instagram and tumblr are. Yes, there has been a lot of time spent at the computer.

In the offline world, we took part in our first craft show as a store, met and worked with some more lovely local bloggers and we were voted Best Independent Women’s Clothing Store in the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver Poll for the third year in a row! Again, a huge thanks goes to everyone for all your support!!

We also have a lot of goals for 2012. Currently, a website (finally!), a third store (more on that soon) and a few other fun surprises are up our sleeves. It’s going to be an exciting year!

We also thought it would be fun to check in with the girls to see what their 2012 resolutions/goals were…

*please note: there weren’t pictures of everyone this time, so we used a few from our instagram account… which felt less creepy than stealing pictures from their facebook pages*

Kaleigh will be spending more time at the dog park. You will also find this Alberta-born girl taking advantage of living so close to the ocean, forest and mountains much more often.


Piper’s plan is to keep it simple this year and just drink less beer and eat fewer baked goods.


Kim has decided to forgo her usual ‘get more exercise’ resolution and exercise her mind instead – this year she will be reading more books and journal articles.


In the interest of not being disappointed if specific things never come to fruition, Stephanie doesn’t believe in resolutions – instead she focuses her efforts on to making general life goals.


Brin has decided to stop procrastinating and  leaving things to the last minute! We’re also adding ‘be in more BFC instagram photos’ to her list, since we don’t have any with her in them!


Ashleigh’s resolution is to get back in to yoga and stretching!


Lauren also fails at being in our instagram photos, so we used a picture of a magazine she thrifted from her instagram account instead. She really geeks out about setting goals for the new year and actually does ‘themes of focus’ surrounding her goals each year – 2012  is all about  action, acceptance and creating.


Nina, our lovely resident English major (on the left), is resolving to finish her novella in 2012!


2012 is going to be full of fun for Danica, who resolves to not let school completely devour her social life as so often seems to happen. She also seems to have escaped the instagram lens in 2011… something which will be remedied in 2012 (you’ve been warned Danica! 🙂 )


When she’s not busy losing 60 lbs, becoming a supermodel, dating rockstars and drinking champagne all day… Julia will be working on her business and making more (Potato Stamp) cards!!


Now that we’ve told you our resolutions, we’d like to hear yours…

Share your 2012 goals with us for a chance to win a Barefoot Contessa Gift Certificate

We are giving away three BFC gift certificates – one for $200, one for $100 and one for $50!

There are three chances to win and three ways to enter:

1) ‘Like’ us on Facebook and comment on our wall with your resolution/goal for 2012 or with what your resolution was last year… and how it went (one entry)

2) Follow us (@so_lovely) on Twitter and tweet us one of your (120 character-friendly) resolutions of 2012 or 2011 (one entry)

3) Similarly, comment on this blog post with a resolution or goal for 2012, or how one of last years resolutions turned out for you (one entry)

Contest closes at midnight (PST) January 3, 2012. The winners will be announced January 4th.

Gift Certificates are valid for one year and must be used in store. However, if you win and don’t think you’ll be able to visit us within the next year, you can ‘transfer’ your prize to someone else who will. Although, only the full amount of the prize can be transferred and must be done when the prize is first claimed.

Good Luck!