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by bfcboutique

We meant to share this video from Pyrrha before Christmas, unfortunately we got swept up in the season and didn’t get the chance. Luckily it’s still just as awesome to watch in February.

The video shows the process they use to hand-craft their stunning pieces. Take a look…

All the Pyrrha necklaces are individually created in Pyrrha’s Vancouver studio with reclaimed silver and cast from 19th century wax seals.

Below are some of the latest wax seal necklaces Pyrrha has released (and are now available in our lovely shops) we love all the new meanings! Although all the necklaces are beautiful, it’s the touching and heartfelt meanings behind the seals that really make them special. It’s also what makes them such a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one (hear that boys?😉 )

Which one is your favourite?

'Determination' and 'Eternal Love'


This Latin seal reads ‘Quod Vult Valde Vult:’ What He Wishes He Wishes Fervently. The reindeer is symbolic of persistence and resoluteness.

Eternal Love

This French seal reads ‘Jamais Arriere:’ Never Behind. The heart with wings is symbolic of love that is eternal.



Horses are considered sacred. Horseshoes are often hung over the outside thresholds of houses and barns to protect and bring good luck.



The Celts believed that the fox was a guide. While running, the fox’s entire body is pointed like an arrow: straight and tightly aimed. This is symbolic message for us to set a determined mindset in order to achieve our desires.

Lumine Luce

Lumine Luce

This banner reads ‘Lumine Luce’ which means ‘Shine in the Light’ in Latin.

Well Being

Well Being

While in the shape of a horizontal number eight, the symbol for infinity, the snake represents enduring health.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

The crescent moon symbolizes new beginnings and the making of dreams into reality.



The butterfly is strongly associated with freedom of the soul. It symbolizes rebirth and a lightness of heart.

Top Gift Giving Picks: Haus of Hybrid

by bfcboutique

It was also great to meet Erin of the awesome blog Haus of Hybrid recently when she visited our Main Street store to share her gift-giving expertise. She has a great sense of humour, which when coupled with her great sense of style made working with her a blast!

Here are a few of her top gift ideas for this year…

Pyrrha "Forever Friends" necklace - $150

My BFF lives in New Zealand and before that London. It’s always difficult (and expensive!) to send her gifts, but this is perfect!

Creative Inc Book - $18.95

My day job isn’t my passion, so I’m always trying to find a way to be creative and do something I love. So why not try to profit from doing what you love?

cozy knit turban/ear warmer - $28

A must-have for winter. The sequin detailing really fits in with the holiday season.

Love the knit turban/ear warmer as much as Erin? You can win it! She’s doing a give-away on her blog right now – go check it out for how to enter!


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